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Retail products

Sold mainly through the pharmacy network and to hospitals for the delivery units, Première.O was developed to replace boiled water in the preparation of feeding-bottles for newborns. Just open the bottle, mix directly in the bottle with the formula and the feeding-bottle is ready.

Saint-Leger Water produces specialized waters which answer to the wellbeing of its customers.  The water is bottled for human consumption as well as for domestic applications such as in the humidifier, the coffee machine, the iron, the aquarium and many more. You will find the Québec.O brand in pharmacies.

Saint-Leger Waters respects the requirements of quality control implemented by the federal and provincial authorities.

Retail water


STERILE water, natural spring water for newborns

sterile water for newborns

Specifications Sterile natural spring water Première-O, is READY TO MIX with the baby formula directly in the feeding bottle, no additional preparation needed.

It can also be used as drinking water for babies.

Première-O replaces boiled water, just open the bottle and mix with formula.

Première.O is a SAFE and RELIABLE product for babies; it has been developed for busy parents, no more risks of burns with boiling water. 

It contains all the necessary minerals for the healthy growth of the newborn.

Formats : 330ml, 500 mL,  1 L

Saint-Léger waters retail brand

mineral water

Purified water

  • Specifications Limpid and delicious, our purified water is so pure that it contains less than 5 ppm of mineral content.
  • It is recommended for low salt diets.
  • Formats : 500 mL / 1 L / 4 L / 8 L

Mineral water

  • Specifications Québec.O Mineral water is purified water with added essential minerals for the body, which gives it a cool and energizing taste.
  • It has been developed for the wellbeing of our clients.
  • Formats : 500 mL / 1 L / 4 L / 8 L

Natural spring water

  • Specifications Coming from a naturally balanced and exquisite source, it contains approximately 160ppm.
  • It has a clear and refreshing taste
  • Formats : 500 mL / 1 L / 4L / 8 L