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Bulk products

Bulk purified water is used for different purposes such as incorporated in the production of different types of food, by manufactures of cosmetics, by industries including nanotechnology, plastics, aeronautics. It is also used for somethings as simple as lift batteries to soaking tanks.


In bulk water

Purified / deionised bulk water  

  • Specifications : in bulk Water is essential to the industrial activity.
  • Purified, it becomes a powerful solvent.
  • It also facilitates the formulation or the dissolution of a variety of products.
  • In bulk deionised treated water, is produced by: coal-filtration, deionising process (demineralization), microfiltration and ozone.
  • It meets industrial standards for bulk purified water and reaches a higher level of purity.
  • Format Saint Leger waters sells water in bulk to the industrial and institutional sectors in the following formats: - in bulk water: 205L (drum), 1000L (tote), Tank truck  (quantity as required by client)


Specialized bulk water : produced following clients requirements

  • Specifications : Saint-Leger Waters can produce different types of bulk water according to our customers specific technical needs, here are some examples: USP Water (United State Pharmacopeia) : the same formulation as our Pharma.O brand
  • Acidified water : demineralised water with acetic acid glacial
  • Alkaline water : pH higher than 7
  • Specialized waters : as per clients’ technical requests