Produits d'exportation

Export products

Première.O is distributed in Canada, South Korea and is currently being introduced in China.

Saint-Leger Waters can distribute purified water, natural spring water as well as specialized waters, in various formats 500ml, 1L, 4L, 8L and 10L, under the VITALDI trade mark.

Export water

Export newborns water

  • Sterile water, natural spring water for newborns, Première.O, is a reliable and safe product since it comes with a certificate of sterility issued by an external laboratory recognized by Health Canada. 
  • Première.O has been developed to facilitate the life of parents and add to the well being of the newborn. 
  • Due to its sterility, it is equivalent to boiled water.
  • It is a product of high quality, ready to use and above all the water comes from a pure Canadian spring. 330ml /500 mL / 1 L

Canadian Iceberg water


  • Co-packaging : private label of iceberg water.Canadian iceberg water
  • Format – 360ml, 500ml.