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In the industrial sector, our purified water is used in many fields including pharmaceutical, hospital, cosmetics, plastics, food industry and many others. In the retail market, our products are sought by customers, locally and internationally, concerned with their wellbeing. Saint-Leger also offers a service of assistance for any EMERGENCY NEEDS.



The company, Saint-Léger Waters, produces, bottles and distributes pure, sterile and demineralized waters whose quality and limpidity exceeds the established standards due to our ultra deionising technique. Our demeniralized water is equivalent to distilled water and guarantees a pure and high quality water. This water is produced in bulk for the industrial sector and in bottle or bulk for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, medical & hospital industries. It is bottled in PET or HDPE for the retail industry. Saint-Leger Waters DEVELOPS AND PRODUCES a range of great-tasting and health-conscious, added value waters, in order to answer our clients different health needs. The company produces the following brands:

The company also bottles pure, natural spring water from one of the best springs in Quebec:

  • Première.O : sterile natural spring water for newborns, replaces boiled water
  • Quebec.O : natural spring water